Louise Cohen Collections

The designs of Louise Cohen bring out a smile and create a sense of wellbeing. Their practical purpose is to enrich the good things in life. Things like togetherness, ease and peace, playfulness and pleasure, food for the soul and a feast for the eyes.

LIFE IS LUXURY | table with cooler

Make your table utterly inviting with an incorporated double walled stainless steel cooler. Guaranteed to keep your drinks cool for over 4 hours. Signed and numbered.

€ 1 150,00-
Louise Cohen Collections

LIFE IS FAIR | matching stool

This sturdy stool is very durable. Make your table complete or use it as a small table. It can only be ordered together with other items of the LIFE IS GREAT Collection. Signed and numbered.

€ 195,00-
Louise Cohen Collections

LIFE IS FINE | comfortable bench

Because of the wheels at the back of this bench it is easy to move it back and forth for sitting down and getting up. Same width as the table LIFE IS GREAT. Signed and numbered.

€ 645,00-
Louise Cohen Collections

LIFE IS EASY | bench with storage

With the bench LIFE IS EASY you can literally sit on your woodshed. It will store many other things too. The wheels at the back enable you to move even a full bench by lifting the front a little. It’s generous width seats at least three people.

€ 845,00-
Louise Cohen Collections

LIFE IS GREAT | table grill stove campfire heater

Preparing food will become a social event and everybody sitting around your table will be kept warm. The centre tile of this versatile table hides a fireplace that can also be covered with a grill. Practically maintenance free and indestructible.

€ 2 795,00-
Louise Cohen Collections